Live Chat Outsourcing/ Email Support Outsoucring

Connect with your customers and provide them with prompt, high-quality assistance through Algonem’s Live Chat Outsourcing and Email support Outsourcing services. Our Live Chat support enables you to engage with customers in real-time, while our Email support allows you to address their queries and concerns via email. We offer both Shared and Dedicated support services, depending on your business needs.

Email Support Outsourcing

Shared Live Chat And Email support Outsourcing Team

If you have low work volumes or products that require less complex support, Algonem’s shared support offer an efficient solution.

Our Shared support team works with a maximum of two companies simultaneously, providing efficient support for businesses with lower work volumes or products that require less complex support. Our shared team offers entire shift coverage with no gaps, giving your customers peace of mind that their inquiries will be addressed in a timely manner.

Dedicated Live Chat And Email support Outsourcing Team

With our Dedicated team, agents work exclusively with your company, fully immersing themselves in your products, services, and business. They provide customized live chat and email support to your customers with dedication per shift of 8 hours, ensuring that their needs are met promptly and efficiently. This service is ideal for businesses with high work volumes or complex products or services.

Live Chat Outsourcing

Shared Vs Dedicated

Shared Team Dedicated Team
Agents work with 2 Companies Simutaneously Your Company Only
Dedication Per Shift 4 hours (50%) 8 hours (100%)
Support Coverage Entire Shift (No gaps) Entire Shift (No gaps)
Best For Low Traffic High Traffic